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We need bold action to modernise medical research

We need bold action to modernise medical research

Published on May 20, 2021

Every minute of every day, six animals are used in research in the UK. Yet this outdated approach is not delivering medical progress, with 90 percent of new drugs tested on animals failing to benefit human health.

In countries such as the Netherlands and USA, policymakers are accelerating animal free research, but the UK Government is lagging behind.

We want you to join us by using our quick and easy tool to ask your MP to urge the Prime Minister to set up a dedicated department or ministerial position to accelerate the replacement of animals with high-tech alternatives.

The development of animal free techniques is making strong progress, thanks to innovative work like the projects funded by your generous support. Now, the Government must take bold action to accelerate the transition from animal experiments to human relevant science. This critical issue has a major impact on public health and needs attention at the highest level of Government.

Using our quick and easy tool, you can find and message your MP and ask them to take action in just a couple of minutes.

We are upping the ante in our mission to bring about regulatory change to end the use of animals in laboratories. We want Government to invest in and prioritise animal free research and make ethical science a matter of national importance – because we want Britain to lead and inspire the world. And we cannot do this without your support.

Human relevant, animal free research methods – like those funded by Animal Free Research UK – are our best hope for a future where diseases are cured faster without animal suffering. By asking your MP to take action today, you can help bring an end to the needless suffering.

It’s time to modernise medical research.



You can take action for animals, by uniting with us now!

Too many animals continue to suffer in laboratories rather than enjoying the comfort and security of a happy home. Our work is funded entirely by your generous support, so please make a donation today to help us free animals from laboratories for good.


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