As a volunteer for Animal Free Research UK you will gain new skills and experiences, be part of a team, feel a real sense of achievement, meet new friends and inspiring people and help in our pro-active work to save lives, both human and animal.  We greatly appreciate your support and it will truly make a difference to animals’ lives!

Community Ambassadors

Volunteer fundraising at a supermarket collection

We are looking for volunteers to become Animal Free Research UK Community Ambassadors.  We need people who can be the face of Animal Free Research UK and carry out fundraising and awareness raising activities in their communities.  Our Community Ambassadors are volunteers based all over the UK representing Animal Free Research UK in their local area and raising awareness about animal free medical research as well as must needed funds.  You might be raising funds from supermarket collections, stalls, static tins placed in local businesses and from hosting your own events.  You will inspire and encourage people and local businesses to get involved with our fundraising campaigns and events.  Find out more about the role and apply.

Get involved 

If you don’t have the time commitment to be a Community Ambassador, we are always on the look out for amazing volunteers to hold supermarket collections and place collection tins in your local community in pubs, clubs and shops to raise funds.  If you would like to hold supermarket collections or place collection tins in your local community please let us know.

Be a Hi Vis Hero!

Volunteer with My Cause UK and join the festival volunteering revolution! Attend some of the summer’s hottest music festivals, for free, whilst raising awareness and funds for Animal Free Research UK.  Learn more about how it works.

Festival Volunteering

If these volunteer roles aren’t right for you, we have loads of other ways you can get involved and help save animals lives.  Check out our fundraising pages for some great fundraising ideas and advice or take part in one of our events.

Our volunteers are really important to us. We need your help so we we can keep funding the best medical research to benefit human health and to save animals from the lab. With your help, we can prove that medical research can and should take place without using animals.

If you have any questions or would like to talk about volunteering please email info@animalfreeresearchuk.org, thank you!

Together, we’re working to end the use of animals in medical research, forever!

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