As a volunteer for Animal Free Research UK you will gain new skills and experiences, be part of a team, feel a real sense of achievement, meet new friends and inspiring people and help in our pro-active work to save lives, both human and animal.  We greatly appreciate your support and it will truly make a difference to animals' lives!

Volunteer in our shops

We are always looking for volunteers to help out in one of our charity shops. We have charity shops in Hitchin and in Hove, find out more.

Be a Cheer Squad volunteer

If you live near Newcastle and want to join our Cheer Squad for the Great North Run on Sunday 10th September, find out more.

Become an awareness volunteer 

To fund our ground-breaking animal free research we need to raise awareness about it across the whole of the UK. A great way to do this is for volunteers to run awareness stalls in their local community, find out more.

Raise funds and be a volunteer fundraiser

If you would like to fundraise for Animal Free Research UK, check out our fundraising pages and find out how to get involved, or take part in one of our events.

Our volunteers are really important to us. We need your help so we we can keep funding the best medical research to benefit human health and to save animals from the lab. With your help, we can prove that medical research can and should take place without using animals.  

Together, we're working to end the use of animals in medical research.  Forever!

If you have any questions or would like to talk about volunteering please email, thank you!