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At Animal Free Research UK, we have a 50-year history of uniting animal-loving communities and scientists to create a world where we will be able to cure diseases faster, without animals suffering.

You can take action for animals, by uniting with us now!

Over the last 50 years we’ve made some huge progress in science to benefit animals and people. Watch here to see some of our key achievements and learn more about our plans to create a world of animal free research:

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Part of our mission is to train a new generation of scientists who are excited to develop animal free techniques & create a step change in the culture of research.

Here we caught up with one of our next generation of scientists, @Merlin_Davies -

In partnership with @EstKirkstall, we are providing cutting edge organ-on-a-chip systems to researchers completely free of charge, to target solutions to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Read more about these fantastic projects here -


Don't forget to join us today at 1pm live on our Facebook page where we will be ‘In Conversation With…’ Professor Amanda Ellison.

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#InConversationWith #KinderScience

Prof Amanda Ellison, a neuroscientist in the field for over 20 years, is now on our board of trustees to help champion human relevant science.

We caught up with Amanda to discuss her work in animal free research & her book. Read here –


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