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At Animal Free Research UK, we have a 50-year history of uniting animal-loving communities and scientists to create a world where we will be able to cure diseases faster, without animals suffering.

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Over the last 50 years we’ve made some huge progress in science to benefit animals and people. Watch here to see some of our key achievements and learn more about our plans to create a world of animal free research:

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This project will take drugs already used for similar diseases and test them using animal free human cell culture on specific types of brain tumours to by-pass animal testing and make the drugs immediately available to patients.


PROJECT: Develop a 3D model of an infant lung.

Every year over 33 million babies are affected by respiratory tract infections. Rather than using animals, the project aims to develop a 3D model of an infant lung to test new therapies.


PROJECT: Human stem cell models to understand heart disease.

This project will focus on cardiac fibrosis - by using human cells, the researchers will better understand how to treat the disease and could save hundreds of thousands of animals’ lives.


PROJECT: Developing a human neuro-vascular unit on a chip to study stroke.

Our researchers will develop a 3D mini cell culture model or ‘organ-on-a-chip’ which will also support research on other diseases in the future, for example Alzheimer’s, MS and epilepsy.


As part of our 2019-2020 grant-giving programme, we are funding a host of exciting, new cutting-edge medical research projects that will pioneer animal free techniques.

We will be showcasing some of these projects so keep a look out to find out more.


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