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Launch of Serum-free database

FCS-Free.org – new serum-free database

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On the 15th of August 2017, Animal Free Research UK and the 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences launched a new website dedicated to promoting the use of serum-free media in biomedical research. The website, fcs-free.org, will allow scientists to identify foetal calf serum free (FCS-free) media for use in all types of cell culture and for specific cell types. The website will also allow scientists to exchange information on the use and applicability of all FCS-free media. This website further allows AFR UK to develop methods and promote the replacement of animals used for research to the scientific community.

AFR UK worked in collaboration with Dr. Jan van der Valk (Director 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences) and his team on the development of the website. During the launch event Dr Jan van der Valk explained why cell culture media has been traditionally supplemented with foetal calf serum and how this new database will facilitate the search for available FCS-free media that can be used to successfully grow cells in the lab.

AFR UK funds and promotes research without the use of animals, and that is also human relevant. This new resource, that promotes serum-free cell culture, helps greatly in our goal to replace the use of all animals in biomedical research.

The serum-free website was launched by Dr Alpesh Patel and Ted van den Bergh, director of Triodos Foundation and one of the partners of the 3Rs Database programme at Utrecht University.

To find out more about the website please visit www.fcs-free.org