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Summer Student Programme

Summer Student Programme


The Summer Student Programme will not be running in 2024.



Our Summer Student Programme gives early career scientists valuable laboratory experience in animal free medical research. It helps to show them the importance of human-relevant, non-animal science to tackle human diseases.

Keerthana Sasitharan, Summer Student 2019

The opportunity and support given to early-career scientists through the Summer Student Programme paves the way for the next generation to be innovative: to end the era of animal testing, carry out pioneering research, and make medical breakthroughs.


– Keerthana Sasitharan, Summer Student 

Our talented students spend their summer developing animal free research techniques to study a wide range of illnesses. From Alzheimer’s disease, to cancer and heart disease, our Summer Students advance society’s understanding of human health and help save animals from being used in these areas of research.

Former students have found that these short projects influence their career decisions and encourage them to pursue non-animal based research careers.


A lack of confidence, as well as ignorance, can stand in the way of a new scientist feeling able to question methods

that experiment on animals. I feel that my summer research project will break down these barriers and introduce a new-

found confidence for me to question such methods, teaching me to stand up for animal

rights in the laboratory.

–  Kathryn Bailey, Summer Student


Summer School

In 2018 we extended our Summer Student Programme by launching our Summer School – a three-day residential jam-packed with career-boosting and inspirational workshops to provide early career scientists with the additional skills to help them develop their future careers.

In 2022, our students attended a two-day Summer School in September jam-packed with career-boosting and inspirational workshops providing them with the additional skills to help them develop their future careers.

“The staff at Animal Free Research UK are very supportive and offered great learning points and feedback throughout the conference; It was also great to practice with other students and for us to become more familiar with each other as fellow summer students; The session with Dr Jamie Gallagher gave very helpful advise on how to present, which is something we don’t get much teaching opportunity with.”

We are all so excited about the future within grasp for biomedical research – because each of the young Summer School students showcased awe inspiring projects that left us all astounded.

We are sure you will join us in congratulating all our 2022 Summer Students and wish them all the best in the animal free research careers!


By supporting early career scientists through our Summer Student Programme, we all play a part in creating a future where no animal suffers to find treatments for human diseases, and where medical breakthroughs are discovered through cutting-edge, humane research.

A lot of these studentships fund preliminary pioneering pieces of work. These are going to be the leaders of research in the future and so we need to nurture their careers early on. They need the support of more experienced academics to understand how to navigate their way through academia, know their research and how to develop their careers.

– Professor Mike Philpott, head of the Animal Free Research UK Animal Replacement Centre.

Summer Student Josan Gandawijaya receiving his award from supervisor Professor Geoff Pilkington and Chair Laura-Jayne Sheridan

Supporting our scientists of the future to develop their career entirely without animal experimentation and therefore make real breakthroughs in medical research will create long-lasting change for both people and animals.

A heart-felt thanks to everyone who has supported our Summer Student Programme, past and present. Your generous donations are creating a new generation of pioneering researchers to make long-lasting change for both people and animals.







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