Applications for our 2021 Summer Student Programme are open (DEADLINE EXTENDED - Friday 16 April 2021)

Summer Student Programme

Summer Student Programme

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Summer Student Programme

Applications for our 2021 Summer Student Programme have now closed.


Our Summer Student Programme gives early career scientists valuable laboratory experience in animal free medical research. It helps to show them the importance of human-relevant, non-animal science to tackle human diseases.

If one day all of us go into this route, to just go with animal free, this could be a revolution in research.

– Jowi Guillen, Summer Student 2018
Summer Student Jodi Evans

Jodi Evans, Summer Student 2018.

Our talented students spend their summer in laboratories up and down the country developing animal free research techniques to study a wide range of illnesses. From Alzheimer’s disease, to cancer and heart disease, our Summer Students advance society’s understanding of human health and help save animals from being used in these areas of research.

Former students have found that these short projects influence their career decisions and encourage them to pursue non-animal based research careers.

Realising just how many animal products are used currently, changed a lot of how I thought about the way research is done. Hopefully in the future we can change it to avoid using these animal products.

–  Eamon Faulkner, Summer Student 2018
Summer School students 2018

Summer School students 2018 – the future of animal free research.

By supporting early career scientists through our Summer Student Programme, we all play a part in creating a future where no animal suffers to find treatments for human diseases, and where medical breakthroughs are discovered through cutting-edge, humane research.

A lot of these studentships fund preliminary pioneering pieces of work. These are going to be the leaders of research in the future and so we need to nurture their careers early on. They need the support of more experienced academics to understand how to navigate their way through academia, know their research and how to develop their careers.

– Professor Mike Philpott, head of the Animal Free Research UK Animal Replacement Centre.
Summer Student Tom Clark presenting his project to supervisor Professor Geoff Pilkington.

Summer Student Tom Clark presenting his project to supervisor Professor Geoff Pilkington.

A heart-felt thanks to everyone who has supported our Summer Student Programme, past and present. Your generous donations are creating a new generation of pioneering researchers to make long-lasting change for both people and animals.





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