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Current summer students

Current summer students

Summer Student 2021: Ali Mehmood

Ali’s project seeks to use a hybrid of computer learning and animal free laboratory techniques to develop a prognostic marker for head and neck cancer.

Summer Student 2021: Amir Fard

Amir will use 3D human organoid models of normal colon tissue and of colon cancer to help to identify new treatment strategies.

Summer Student 2021: Dania Alkhatib

Dania will use artificial intelligence (AI) approaches to allow her to address an important unmet clinical need: can we predict tumour recurrence for head and neck cancer.

Summer Student 2021: Emily-Rose Martin

Emily-Rose will work to establish a new method of growing neuron-like cells to study Autism spectrum disorder (ASD) which is one of the most common neurodevelopmental disorders.

Summer Student 2021: Fiona Nhi Dang

Fiona will investigate the physical and biological changes that occur within the body as a result of heart attack and severe haemorrhage.

Summer Student 2021: Imogen Carmichael

Imogen will test if an animal-free media can be used to grow and differentiate a cellular model of dementia.

Summer Student 2021: Izzy Breithaupt

Izzy’s project will create, characterise and adopt an animal free approach towards genotoxicity testing of a variety of different human toxicants, using advanced human lung and liver model systems.

Summer Student 2021: Morwenna Oldfield

Morwenna will build a cell-based membrane which will act as a model for the cornea allowing her to find novel ways of delivering drugs without relying on testing in animals.

Summer Student 2021: Riddhi Sharma

Riddhi will develop a method to study the genetic and environmental causes of Parkinson’s disease in human brain cell lines, to assess whether the cells are entering a diseased state.

Summer Student 2021: Rosie Davis

Rosie’s project will develop better human relevant models of bowel cancer to allow scientists to study how drugs penetrate dense cancer tissue without using animals.

Summer Student 2021: Yutong Chen

Yutong will explore state-of-the-art artificial intelligence-based methods to reduce the time taken to acquire magnetic resonance images (MRI).

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