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Current summer students

Current summer students

Summer Student 2022:

This project will investigate using entirely animal free components to screen a range of biological inks for their potential to improve the mechanical structure of printed skin for skin disease models.

Summer Student 2022: Artemijs Vasjanovics

Artemijs will use animal free products to re-establish the human heart-in-a-dish and compare an animal free system and recapitulate key experiments for comparison with existing model data sets.

Summer Student 2022: Fengjiao Zheng

Fengjiao will explore the effect of animal free simulated lung fluid on environmental nano and microparticles in order to develop better human relevant models for lung toxicology.

Summer Student 2022: Heidi Lloyd-Williams

Heidi will develop technology of building neural circuits with defined architecture for better understanding of neurodevelopmental diseases such as epilepsy.

Summer Student 2022: Lucille Binninger

Lucille will establish a new method of differentiating neuron-like cells into mature excitatory neurons without using any animal-derived materials.

Summer Student 2022: Michael Dummigan

Michael will use the available clinical data from existing breast cancer patients to investigate how different types of the disease contribute to disease severity and patient outcome.

Summer Student 2022: Patricia Bailey

Patricia will validate a human cell-based model to study monitor cellular stress and their effect on some characteristics of dementia.

Summer Student 2022: Pawel Pokorski

Pawel will test the grouping approach to predict multi-component nanomaterials toxicity to reduce need for animal testing for these new materials.

Summer Student 2022: Rebecca Thornton

Rebecca will generate a single-stranded DNA aptamer to detect a specific human protein receptor called the formyl peptide receptor to replace animal-derived antibodies.

Summer Student 2022: Rita Correia

Rita will develop an hydrogel scaffold that can be implanted into the body and release drugs under determined mechanical stimulation for new drug delivery systems.

Summer Student 2022: Ryan Hoyes

Ryan will use modern sequencing technology to assess the gene expression of cultured lung blood vessel cells which have been donated from idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis patients to help inform the creation of new treatments.

Summer Student 2022: Seyta Diop

Seyta will assess the feasibility of using the membrane derived from fruit such as lychee and citrus, as a possible scaffold material.

Summer Student 2022: Sophie Jorgensen

Sophie will develop a human tissue derived laboratory model to study drug interactions within a cancerous environment.

Summer Student 2022: Toba Shahbaz

Toba will make existing ImmuPHAGE models fully human relevant to be applied in wide range of respiratory toxicity studies.

Summer Student 2022: Tom Whalley

Tom will develop an effective 3D model using human cells which can be tailored to mimic the bone of an osteoporosis sufferer.

Summer Student 2022: William Gane

William will take a closer look at how psychoactive substances act in certain receptors in the brain to contribute to the development of animal free chemical sensing platforms.

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