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2018 Summer Studentships and Fellowships Launched

Published on March 2, 2018

Animal Free Research UK is pleased to announce the launch of the 2018 Summer Studentship and Fellowship schemes.

Applications for 2020 projects will open soon

As in previous years, the Summer Studentship scheme allows undergraduate students the opportunity to extend their studies during their degree and gain valuable laboratory-based research experience over the summer period.

The Alan and Kathie Stross Summer Fellowship scheme is for newly graduated students to gain further research experience for a 12-week period following the end of their degree. Research during a Summer Fellowship must be directed towards the replacement of cats, dogs or primates.

Projects for both schemes should be directed towards developing methods and techniques that replace the use of animals in all areas of biomedical research.

Please note that we are fortunate this year to also have some additional specific funding for research into Coronary Thrombosis and would very much encourage scientists in this particular field of research to apply for a Summer Studentship or Summer Fellowship.

Funding for research in this area is separate to the general funding for Summer Studentships and Summer Fellowships. From this year, we are now only accepting applications via our online application portal.

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