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Summer Student 2022:

Summer Student 2022:

Biological inks for the development of 3D printed diseased skin models

Project summary:

Skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis are a hug burden to millions of people worldwide. It is important to treat these conditions as soon as possible, to prevent the condition getting worse and leading to further complications.

Unfortunately, new treatments for skin conditions are often tested on healthy animals – including mice, dogs, pigs and guinea pigs. These animals are treated with chemicals so they develop skin diseases and are then exposed to treatments to observe how they respond.

3D printing of body parts, such as the skin, has gained attention for the potential to replace the use of animals in these types of experiments. However, one of the challenges is developing a 3D skin model which functions in a similar way to human skin.

For my project I will investigate using entirely animal free components to screen a range of biological inks for their potential to improve the mechanical structure of printed skin. This could lead to more rapid and reproducible screening of new skin treatments for psoriasis, dermatitis and diabetes related skin wounds.

Animals project will replace: Mice, pigs, guinea pigs and dogs


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