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Summer Student 2021: Izzy Breithaupt

Summer Student 2021: Izzy Breithaupt

Creating an animal-free approach towards regulatory (gene)toxicity testing methods.

Supervisor name and institution: Dr Martin Clift, Swansea University

Project summary:

There continues to be an influx of human relevant research models being developed to advance alternative approaches towards toxicology testing. However, most systems continue to use many animal-based components in their cell culture, e.g. animal serum, and more so in their toxicology testing, e.g. animal-derived antibodies.

The aim of Izzy’s project is to create, characterise and adopt an animal free approach towards genotoxicity (agents that damages the genetic information within a cell causing mutations) testing of a variety of different human toxicants, using advanced human lung and liver model systems.

Animals project will replace: Mice, rats and hamsters.


Watch Izzy’s Summer School presentation…

Get to know Izzy…

Why do you want to participate in animal replacement summer studentship?

Animal free research is the future of medical research and is fast developing. To be part of a programme that is influencing laboratories across the country would allow me to develop as an ethical scientist. I will be able to use the new knowledge I learn from the studentship to make informed decisions in the future about the laboratories I want to work in and how to put my personal views on animal testing into practice.

How will the Summer Student Programme help to kick-start your career as an animal free researcher?

Animal free research is an area that I want to be well practiced in throughout my career. A studentship sponsored by Animal Free Research UK would provide me with new experience to kick-start my career as an animal-free scientist. I will be able to learn first hand about the ways in which so many important areas of research can be improved by developing animal free methods.

Why is research without the use of animals important to you?

I strongly believe that animals are not necessary for the development of drugs and other therapeutics. Animal free research techniques are available and should be prioritised by pharmaceutical companies. Not only is animal testing unethical, but it is also unsuitable to mimic human disease effectively. The replacement of the use of animals in research has the potential to develop more accurate and successful treatments.

What are your future plans and career aspirations?

I plan to further my education by enrolling on a Masters degree. Currently, my areas of interest are immunology and the reproductive system. Wherever I continue my education and find my individual career path, I want to be an advocate for animal free research which is why a studentship with Animal Free Research UK is the perfect opportunity. I believe it is the future for more accurate laboratory studies and is an area of the studentship that I will take forward throughout my career.


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