Summer Student Programme

The Animal Free Research UK Summer Student Programme was established to assist undergraduate or recently graduated students in gaining practical animal-replacement research experience by working in a laboratory environment.

The immense generosity of Alan & Kathie Stross has allowed many students to undertake career-developing summer research projects. Alan and Kathie were both dedicated supporters of Animal Free Research UK and believed that medical research should continue without the use of animals.

Summer Student research projects are open to students who have not yet finished their undergraduate degree and are 8 weeks long. However, students must have completed at least two years of study before the start of their studentship. Students are paid a stipend for the duration of their project.

These short summer projects are a great way to get students to begin their research careers. They also allow students the opportunity to gain a better understanding of how to conduct animal-free research. Former students have found that these short projects influence their career decisions and encourage them to pursue non-animal based research careers.

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Former Summer Student and Supervisor testimonials

“Working with non-animal approaches to leukaemia research was rewarding and highly motivating and gives me hope for the future in creating many more human methods rather than using animals in research.”  Rachel Henderson

“The Summer Studentship Scheme gave me a taste for research and greatly improved my confidence! I was able to learn and improve a range of skills, and it was nice to feel that the work I was doing was supporting a good cause.” – Lauren Richardson

“I have become far more aware of how non-animal approaches can be used and are technically feasible. This studentship will help in my final year project and will open so many doors for me in research in the future.” – Joy Girgis

“Summer research projects are a fantastic opportunity to enable a student to gain valuable research experience. By training young people to think about research without animals, we can influence best practice in our future scientific leaders.” – Dr Helen Wheadon


75% Summer Students

from 2017 said that their summer research project had a huge impact on improving their knowledge of animal-free research science.


84% Students and 100% of their Supervisors

from 2017 said that their summer research project would have a large impact on improving students’ future career options


100% Supervisors

from 2017 said that they were extremely or very likely to apply for another Animal Free Research UK summer research project.

How can I apply?

For further information about the grants and how to apply, please head to our ‘for researchers’ pages.

How can I support a Summer Student?

The average cost of a Summer Student research project is £1,940. If you would like to sponsor a Summer Student, please get in touch. Our work is funded entirely by your generous support.

Your donation can help start the careers of promising young students and contribute to developing some of the most advanced and successful human-related techniques in many areas of medical research. Help us help the next generation of scientists start their careers without using animals.

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