To fund our ground-breaking animal free research we need to raise awareness about it across the whole of the UK.  A great way to do this is to ask volunteers just like you to run awareness stalls in your local community.

You could run an awareness stall at work, school, university, freshers fair, college, library, festival or fete, practically anywhere - as long as you gain permission from the site holder first.

What will you do?

  • Research potential opportunities for awareness stalls in your local area - you will need to commit to a minimum of four awareness stalls per year 

  • Book regular stalls and run them on the day 

What will you get?

  • A knowledge pack so you can speak confidently to the public about our work

  • A branded t-shirt to wear and lots of great promotional material and information to give away to the public 

What we ask you to do on the stall

  • Speak to the public knowledgably about our work

  • Give out branded freebie goods

  • Ask the public to sign up to our E-Newsletter 

  • Take photos of people with our branded selfie frame and ask them to share the photos with us and on their social media networks 

Top tips for running an awareness stall

  • Make your stall eye-catching with the promotional material provided

  • A plain tablecloth or sheet is useful to hide bags, shopping and personal belongings

  • If your stall is outside, make sure you have shelter if it rains to shield yourselves and the stock!

  • Keep the stall tidy. As people look through the information on display they might leave piles of mess which are off-putting to visitors

  • On the day be friendly and confident, even if you are not!  Smile and be open with your body language

  • Have some facts ready in case someone asks you a question. Check out all of the information on this website and on Facebook for details about interesting projects

  • A great secret weapon if you have one, is to take your dog along to the stall. It really draws people over, but make sure you ask the site holders permission first.  Failing that, you could always dress up as animals to draw the crowds over!

  • Ensure that any discarded leaflets or other promotional materials are cleared away so that you leave the area clean and tidy

  • Make sure you stay safe. We recommend that a minimum of two people carry out stalls, as it makes grabbing a bite to eat and toilet breaks easier

  • Please take photos of yourselves, the stall and the public for us to share – please ask permission from a parent or guardian before taking photos of any children and please gain agreement from any adult before taking their picture – share them with us via social media or email them to

Want to get involved?

If you would like to run awareness stalls for us in your local community and prove that medical research can be animal free, please let us know and we will be in touch.