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Pioneering Summer Student Programme returns

Pioneering Summer Student Programme returns

Published on July 5, 2021

Animal Free Research UK has reopened its prestigious Summer Student programme after a forced absence last year because of the Covid-19 pandemic.

These prestigious eight-week studentships will see 11 early career scientists from leading universities work on projects to find treatments for human diseases using cutting-edge, humane research.

Carla Owen, CEO of Animal Free Research UK, said: “We at Animal Free Research UK welcome back after a year of forced Covid-19 absence our flagship Summer Student Programme.

“Over the next three months, the chosen talented 11 early career scientists will take significant steps towards phasing out pain and suffering in UK labs.

“They will join the growing number of pioneers conducting animal free research which saves humans and animals and is forging a future where animals are replaced with modern, human relevant techniques.  They will be working hard to make a kinder, better science on behalf of all of us and we wish them well.”

Now in its ninth year, the summer programme gives each student valuable laboratory and desk-based research experience. They will learn how human-relevant, non-animal science is vital in the fight  against human diseases.

Working in laboratories up and down the country, they will under the eye of experienced scientists and academics develop animal free research techniques to study a wide range of illnesses including bowel cancer, coronary disease and Parkinson’s.

Then at the start of September, the students will together attend a two-day Summer School and receive a prestigious industry-recognised certificate upon graduation.

Added Owen: “Theirs is no small undertaking. Our studentships fund preliminary pioneering projects.  From Alzheimer’s, to cancer and heart disease, our Summer Students advance society’s understanding of human health and help save animals from being used in these areas of research.”


CLICK HERE to read more about our 2021 students and their pioneering projects.




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