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The Animal Free Labcast, hosted by our amazing CEO Carla, is a frank, lively exchange of ideas and experiences with leading scientists, policy makers and animal protection ambassadors – all of whom are part of the animal free innovation revolution.

Our guests cut through the noise and complexities to break down the urgent need to accelerate human relevant science and end the medical emergency – which is in large part caused by the continued reliance on animals as models for human disease research.

New episodes out every fortnight starting on June 29 2022. Available wherever you get your podcasts, or click one of the icons below.



Episode 1 & 2 – Dr Jarrod Bailey

In these episodes Dr Jarrod Bailey, Animal Free Research UK’s Science Director, highlights the issues surrounding the use of animals in medical research and drug testing – and makes a plea for the status quo to be broken.

He dismantles the arguments often made by those who advocate animal use, and details how so-called new approach methodologies – NAMs – are revolutionising the transition to animal free innovation

Episode 3: Prof Amanda Ellison

Professor of Neuroscience at Durham University, Amanda Ellison discusses her career, and how a new human neuroscience technique – Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) – pushed the boundaries of human relevant science.

Amanda offers her thoughts on where New Approach Methodologies (NAMs) will take the medical research community, and shares her passion for scientific communication. She also details how she is inspiring the next generation of animal replacement scientists.

Episode 4: Dr Don Ingber

World-class pioneer of biomedical research and innovation, Dr Don Ingber, is the special guest on the next edition of the Animal Free Labcast.

In 2010, Dr Ingber developed a lung-on-a-chip – the first of its kind – and has continued to lead the field by developing numerous other organ chip models, demonstrating their ability to faithfully mimic human physiology and disease states as well as therapeutic responses.

Don discusses his career, his personal motivations for making that leap into human relevant research and his proudest achievements.

Episode 5: Prof Lorna Harries

Ever wondered what how we can beat the aging process and lead a long, healthy life? In this episode Carla catches up with Professor Lorna Harries who researches such things along with her team at our Animal Replacement Centre of Excellence at the University of Exeter – also known as ARC 2.0.

Lorna takes us through her amazing and very successful animal free research work on diabetes and Covid 19 – exciting research science at it best.

And while she may not yet found the elusive fountain of youth, in this episode you can find out about the quest for longer, healthier life  –  and why animal free, human relevant research is not a second-class option, but the best option.

Episode 6: Prof Chris Denning

Converting extracted human wisdom teeth into heart cells – no, not science fiction but reality in Professor Chris Denning’s lab at the University of Nottingham. In this episode, Carla talks to Chris about the important work he and his team do at the Biodiscovery Institute on heart disease, and the path that led him there.

Chris shines a light on how “Modern Day Alchemy”, as he calls it, is paving the way for personalised medicine, and how new animal free technologies will impact heart patients in real terms.

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