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Striving to advance human health

The purpose of our Pilot Study Grants is to allow researchers to tap into blue-sky thinking and identify concepts with replacement potential that merit further attention and development. It will also enable the collection and sharing of further data and findings which may help scientists to secure more funding for their research.

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Animal Free Research UK award Pilot Study Grants to explore new ideas in animal-replacement research that could advance human health.

Pilot Study Grants provide short-term financial support for proof-of-concept studies lasting up to a maximum of 12 months.

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Current Pilot Study Grants

Dr Abdullah Talari (Revivocell Limited)

NANOSTACKS™: A new liver-on-a-chip technology for drug safety testing

Professor Jesmond Dalli (London)

Unique insights into the causes of inflammatory conditions

Professor Jens Schwamborn (Luxembourg)

Animal-free brain organoids to study Parkinson’s Disease

Professor Chris Goldring (Liverpool)

An animal-free 3D liver model to test drug safety in patients with fatty liver disease

Professor Kay Peggs (Kingston University)

Inspiring animal free researchers through learning more about the values, motivations, and ambitions of Animal Free Research UK’s scientists

Dr Adjanie Patabendige (Edge Hill)

A human relevant approach to study brain damage caused by abnormal heart rhythm

Professor Kenneth Linton (London)

Growing game-changing human liver cells

Dr Federica Masieri (Suffolk)

Reprogramming cells to help treat muscle injury

Dr Sam Aspinall (Hertfordshire)

ThermoPIGs: Imitation Gelatin