Organ-on-a-chip Masterclass

An exclusive organ-on-a-chip master class in London

The Organ-on-Chip Masterclass – March 2024

The Organ-on-Chip MasterClassDuring the 2 day intensive masterclass, held in partnership with AZAR Innovations in London, attendees from academia and industry took part in group discussions and problem solving, specialised lectures and practical hands-on training using a variety of organ-on-chip designs.

Guest expert lecturers Malcolm WilkinsonPelin Candarlioglu Deacon and Clive Roper shared their knowledge and expertise, and 4 organ-on-chip companies ibidi GmbH (Thistle Scientific ), NETRImicrofluidic ChipShop GmbH and InSphero demonstrated their products and gave attendees hands-on training on how to use them.

An ‘organ-on-chip challenge’ rounded off the masterclass, with attendees working in groups focused on specific organs/organ systems in the body (liver, lung, cardiovascular and nervous system) that reflected their research interests.

The Organ-on-Chip MasterClass

The aim of this was to brainstorm and present each group’s own organ-on-chip design aimed to solve a current unanswered puzzle in that particular disease area. The energy was palpable with enthusiasm and ideas in abundance with a winning design and prize presented to the circulatory system team!

The masterclass aimed to combat one of the obstacles in the uptake of non-animal technologies (also known as ‘new approach methodologies’ or ‘NAMs’), namely a paucity of training. With many organ-on-chips on the market, there is a need for more practical training and awareness of the pros and cons of each model,  showcasing each one’s suitability for answering a specific research question.

Furthermore, with the belief that many early career researchers (ECRs) will embrace and promote this animal-replacement technology, Animal Free Research UK subsidised ECR places as part of our commitment to supporting the next generation of researchers to lead the way in animal-free technologies.

The Organ-on-Chip MasterClass

“I am now even more motivated to dive into OoC, and talk to decision makers and  academics so they embrace this technology in their universities to replace the animal testing with ethical, modern, human relevant alternatives” – Luis Falcón GNU Solidario, Advancing Social Medicine

The masterclass ended with an informal networking event where attendees reflected on the event and shared their experiences, with many now motivated to push for incorporation of organ-on-chip technology in their workplaces to replace animals, and a commitment to raise awareness of this technology amongst their peers.


The masterclass consists of six sessions:

  • E-learning on demand
  • Interactive lectures
  • Hands on organ-on-a-chip
  • Commercial demos
  • Design your own system
  • Expert views

The day will be led by Dr Hossein Eslami Amirabadi and Emre Dilmen from AZAR Innovations.

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Dr. Hossein Eslami Amirabadi from AZAR - Animal Free Research UK

Dr Hossein Eslami Amirabadi

Founder, AZAR Innovations

Hossein is the founder of AZAR Innovations. He is a bio-engineer with more than 10 years of experience developing organ-on-a-chip systems for and with biologists. He is an instructor to biomedical scientists since 2015 in academia and industry.

Emre Dilmen, MSc

Scientist, AZAR Innovations

Emre is a biologist with a passion for engineering solutions, with more than 5 years of experience working with organoids and developing organ-on-a-chip systems with engineers.