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New Animal Free Research Community of Practice for medical researchers launched

Published on July 8, 2022

A one-of-its-kind online community aimed at improving communication among biomedical scientists has been launched by the Alliance for Human Relevant Science and Animal Free Research UK.

The Animal Free Research Community of Practice is an interactive network for members to share their work, ideas, challenges and passion among likeminded peers.

With free membership for academic and early career scientists, students, industry and other stakeholders involved in biomedical research sector, members can interact online 24/7 as well as attend planned events, including open houses, roundtables and Helpathons.

A user-friendly website features up to date news, resources, tools, networking and project collaboration opportunities, latest research papers, job vacancies and academic openings.

The community is curated by members and hosted by Animal Free Research UK coordinators.

New members can sign up and join the community by clicking here: Join the Community of Practice


Animal Free Research UK Science Manager, Dr Lilas Courtot said: “Members are invited to create and add content to the online forum, share events and resources, and to collaborate on projects such as writing reviews, articles and much more.”

“Our network will help all of us deepen our expertise, expand our knowledge, and increase our problem-solving abilities which will benefit biomedical research. Together we can forge the modern human-relevant research future.”

Carla Owen, Chair of the Alliance for Human Relevant Science and CEO of Animal Free Research UK said: “Good communication among researchers is key if we are to accelerate the transition to animal free innovation where using human relevant methods to treat human illnesses is the gold standard.

“The Animal Free Research Community of Practice will bring scientists closer. It will raise awareness, deepen knowledge, drive creativity and spark passion for a science that benefits animals as well as humans. I urge all who want to practice modern medical research – that which truly delivers benefits for human health – to sign up and become part of this important, exciting community.”




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