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Animal Free Research UK appoints Prof Michael Balls as Honorary Scientific Advisor

Published on November 18, 2021

EMINENT biomedical scientist, Professor Michael Balls has joined charity Animal Free Research UK as its Honorary Scientific Advisor.  

A champion of non-animal test methods in toxicity and safety testing, he takes up the voluntary role with immediate effect, and will offer his decades of experience direct to the charity’s CEO Carla Owen and Science Director Dr Jarrod Bailey. 

Animal Free Research CEO Carla Owen said: “We are delighted to welcome Michael to our charity, where his decades of animal welfare work will prove invaluable as we accelerate towards our collective mission of phasing out animal experiments once and for all and replacing them with kinder science.   

“Michael joins Animal Free Research UK during a time of expansion, especially into Public Affairs as we seek policy change. Though as ever, it will be the science at the heart of what we do to make animal free research the gold standard in medical testing, and we know with Michael on board we can help enable more scientists to stop using animals in medical research, and create a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering.”  

Dr Jarrod Bailey, Animal Free Research UK’s Science Director, said: “Throughout his career, Michael has inspired and supported many scientists. His wisdom will add greatly to the experience of the early career scientists we fund, and who conduct innovative, human-focused research that is driving biomedical science forward.  

“His scientific achievements and track record in public affairs are renowned, and we are extremely honoured to have him by our side as we expand our work.”  

Professor Michael Balls said: “I fully support Animal Free Research UK in all they are trying to achieve. Ending the over-reliance of so much of biomedical research and testing on animal procedures will not only be of benefit to animals in laboratories, the development and use of human-focused replacement alternative methods will help us to understand more about human diseases and how to avoid or treat them more effectively.” 



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