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Jump 10,000 ft for animals!

Published on June 21, 2017

Jump 10,000 ft for animals!

Meet Andrew Flanagan, our 70 year old supporter from Hampshire who took on a 10,000 ft freefall parachute jump and raised over £4,000!

Talking about the jump, Andrew said:

I was keen to celebrate my 70th Birthday in a special and memorable way.  I chose Animal Free Research UK because animal experimentation is an issue I have been concerned about since my early 20’s.

Animal Free Research UK campaigns in the best way possible – leading by example.  Too many people admit there is cruelty in medical research but accept this as a ‘necessary evil’.  I am very proud to help Animal Free Research UK change this mindset.

If you would like to jump for animals, just like Andrew and raise money to help get animals out of the lab, we are offering you the chance to celebrate World Animal Day (4th October) with a 10,000 ft freefall parachute jump, held at Peterborough airfield on Saturday 30th September.

Every year, World Animal Day is held to raise the status of animals in order to improve welfare standards around the globe.  Our World Animal Day skydive is your opportunity to experience something truly incredible and unforgettable, tick something awe-inspiring of your bucket list and show animals that you care.

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Supporter at a skydive

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