HPRA 3Rs Conference


The HPRA is the competent authority in Ireland responsible for the implementation of EU legislation Directive 2010/63/EU for the protection of animals used for scientific purposes.

In order to enhance awareness of the 3Rs amongst the research community in Ireland and beyond the HPRA is planning to host a 3Rs information day on May 17th 2017.

Aims of the Conference

Promotion of the 3Rs by delivering a series of informative and engaging presentations which will give attendees information and ideas they can take back to their establishments and organisations, and work with and apply to their research, with the aim of improving the implementation of the 3Rs both nationally and further afield. 


The day will consist of a general morning session, with 3R topics relevant to all attendees, followed by a dual stream in the afternoon – one stream will focus mainly on practical aspects of Refinement, while the parallel stream will focus on Replacement.

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