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Unveiling our Policy Briefing “How Human-Specific Technologies Can Transform Lives and Supercharge the Economy”

Published on June 5, 2023

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We are pleased to publish our policy briefing, “How Human-Specific Technologies Can Transform Lives and Supercharge the Economy”. This document outlines the public health and economic opportunities offered by cutting-edge technologies and puts forward policy recommendations to the Government to ensure the UK can harness their full potential.

Through case studies of Parkinson’s Disease, Diabetes and challenges in bringing new drugs to market, we explore the potential of human-specific innovation to transform patients’ lives, strengthen our NHS and boost our economy.

In this briefing, we call for the Government to establish a legislative framework that will support the transition to human-specific technologies. ‘The Human-Specific Technologies Act’ would be an important step towards a future where technology replaces the use of animals in medical research, secures much-needed medical breakthroughs, and cultivates a thriving and prosperous life sciences sector in the UK.

Our Parliamentary Reception

At our Parliamentary Reception on 24 May 2023, we launched this briefing with a cross-party group of MPs and Peers and invited them to speak with academic and industry experts to learn more about the technologies they have developed and use, such as organ-on-a-chip and 3D human skin models.

MPs were also given the opportunity to sign our pledge to help Britain become an ethical innovation superpower. By adding their name, MPs can commit to supporting the acceleration of the uptake of human-specific methodologies in the UK. This pledge can also be signed online, and we encourage all our fantastic supporters – if you haven’t already – to ask your MP to add their name.


This briefing will continue to be a crucial part of our strategy to advocate for animal free science in Parliament. To read the full document, click here.





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