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Pilot & Transition Grants

Pilot & Transition Grants

Innovative animal replacement pilot and transition grants

Grant Call Animal Free Research UK Grant Call 2024

Animal Free Research UK is awarding innovative pilot and transition grants to accelerate the development and wider adoption of animal-free technologies to improve medical research for the good of patients, science, and animals.

We welcome applications from geographical regions that are currently underrepresented in our research portfolio. These include Wales, the North of England, the South Coast and East Anglia (such as Cambridge and Norwich). Additionally, we encourage research applicants utilising in silico approaches such as artificial intelligence and big data.

Pilot grants enable researchers to explore new ideas in replacement research that merit further development, and to enable the collection of sufficient data to assist in securing larger funding from other funding organisations.

Transition grants support scientists to transition from animal research to animal-free research. We particularly welcome applications from researchers who are seeking to replace animal-based research methods with relevant animal-free scientific approaches.

This grant call is focused on the following areas:

  • Dementia
  • Breast cancer
  • Coronary heart disease

Applications are also invited for:

  • Novel animal-free biomedical research in other disease areas
  • Research focused on transitioning to animal-free methods

Relevant animal-free scientific approaches may include new approach methodologies such as organ-on-chips and human-derived organoids, artificial intelligence, deep learning and big data, omics and multi-omics.

Grant Details 

  • Budget: from £5,000 to £25,000 
  • Duration: from 6 months to 2 years
  • Eligible Costs: personal support for a Primary Scientist (capped at 50% of the total project cost), consumables and small equipment items
  • We are open to receiving applications with matched funding

Eligibility and Requirements 

drug-induced liver injury

  • Projects should be focused on one of the research areas stated above.
  • Projects should provide further insight into the utility of New Approach Methodologies and advance their development, validation and application as replacements for current animal experiments.
  • Projects should be directly relevant to biomedical research and human health.
  • Projects must exclude the use of animal-derived biomaterials in accordance with the terms and conditions for the grant type.
  • Researchers in universities, hospitals and research organisations are eligible to apply.

Grant Selection Criteria 

  • Animal replacement potential and alignment to Animal Free Research UK strategic goals
  • Scientific merit and innovation
  • Grant holder and project group expertise, experience and publication record
  • Feasibility and implementation plan, resources, budgeting and output
  • Merit of proposed research to the broader scientific community and dissemination plan

How to apply 


Once your application is ready, please send the documents to The deadline for applications is 5pm, 19th April 2024.