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Pilot Study Grants

2022 applications closed


Animal Free Research UK is awarding Pilot Study Grants to explore new ideas in animal-replacement research that could advance human health.

Pilot Study Grants provide short-term financial support of up to £10,000 for proof-of-concept studies lasting up to a maximum of 12 months.

The purpose of these grants is to allow researchers to explore new ideas in replacement research that merit further attention or development, and to enable the collection of sufficient data to assist in securing larger funding from Animal Free Research UK or other funding organisations.

You must submit your complete application before the deadline at 5pm on 6 May 2022. The online portal will not accept applications after this time, even if they have been partially completed before the deadline.

Pilot study grants are not available to ‘top-up’ existing research projects.

Research that requires or involves the use of animals (defined as any organism of the Kingdom Animalia, excluding humans) in any way, even though the ultimate aim may be to replace their use, will not be supported.

Policies, Regulations and Conditions (.pdf)


Guidance for Applicants

Please view our grant application guide and policy documents for full information and guidance on the grant application process – including the types and purpose of our grants, what we will and won’t fund, who can apply, application proposal requirements and submission process. There is no need to send us a hard (printed) copy of the application or supporting documentation.

For additional queries please see our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our current grants call or contact

Primary scientists must not engage in research that contravenes Animal Free Research UK’s Policies, Regulations and Conditions of Support.


Grant Application Guide (.pdf)

Policies, Regulations and Conditions (.pdf)


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