Grant Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Grant Application: Frequently Asked Questions

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Grant Application: Frequently Asked Questions

Here are the answers to the most frequently asked questions about our current grants call.

If you have any other queries that are not answered below or in the guidance documents please get in touch via email to

When will the next call for grants be announced?

All our calls for grants are made first via our science newsletter – Sign up to receive Science News.

Can I submit more than one application?

Yes – you can write and submit as many applications as you would like to, but please note that all applications will be assessed independently. Therefore, if multiple applications are interlinked then it will be detrimental to all the linked applications as we would not take into consideration the linked applications when assessing them.

Do I need to name the PhD Student / Postdoctoral research associate at the application stage?

No – there is no need to have a named person when applying for a grant. If you already have a named person in mind for a position and you feel that naming them (and their experience) would help your application, then you can mention this in your project proposal. But, not having a named person will not negatively affect the assessment of your project in any way.

Can there be more than one Postdoctoral research associate on a proposal?

Yes – if the work plan requires more than 1 Postdoctoral research associate on a project – due to expertise/technical reasons – then this is acceptable, but please note that the total award cannot exceed the stated monetary limits.

Can I apply if I have previously worked with or currently work with animals or animal tissues?

Yes – but the project cannot in any way use animals, animal tissues or animal derived biomaterials and the person that will be employed to work on the project cannot in any way be involved with any animal-based work whilst working on the project.

Who does the statement “…and anyone who is by any means supported by Animal Free Research UK must not be involved in any way in such research or activities.” apply to?

This statement applies to the person(s) that will be employed to work on any projects which are funded by Animal Free Research UK and not the Grant Holder (applicant) or any collaborators.

Can I apply for funding for myself to do the work?

For the large grant call (PhD/Postdoctoral research associate) – no – you cannot apply for funding for yourself to do the work. You would be the grant-holder and would need to find someone to work on the project.

For the pilot study – yes – the consumables allocation can be used by yourself directly, but no personal support (salary) can be claimed.


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