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In 2020, Animal Free Research UK launched a Rapid Response Grant Call to explore new ideas in animal free research that directly related to ongoing COVID-19 Research.

In collaboration with Kirkstall Ltd we offered 5 separate grants, each for 1 Quasi Vivo® Systems worth up to £1300, together with specialist technical support as well as a £500 consumables budget.

The applications should be for immediate COVID-19 related non-animal, human relevant research.

The purpose of this grant is to integrate the Kirkstall Quasi Vivo® system into current and ongoing animal free research projects. We will consider research proposals related to COVID-19 from UK Universities centred round the use of the Quasi Vivo® technology including:

  • diagnostic tests
  • disease development
  • drug identification/testing

The Kirkstall QV500 cell culture chamber is a highly flexible research tool, ideal for academic use. Produced from medical-grade silicone, the chamber provides a leak proof seal, allowing continuous flow of media across and through cell cultures.

The QV600 chamber has been designed for surface cultures, such as skin, respiratory epithelium or whole corneas. Additionally, the use of transwells to create a double cavity chamber is ideal for the study of membranes and barrier models.

The QV900 6-chamber optical tray provides a compact, disposable unit ideal for high-content experiments and industrial use.

When completing the application, you will be asked to specify which Quasi Vivo® system you require for your proposal.

Apply for a Rapid Response Grant through our online application portal now

We only accept applications through our online application portal. You will need to register for an account, which will allow you to return to and edit your application at any stage before submission.

Start a new Grant application

Continue your grant application

You must submit your complete application before the deadline of 5pm Monday 11 May 2020. The online portal will not accept applications after this time, even if they have been partially completed before the deadline. Applications will be assessed as a priority and a decision will be made within 10-14 days of the deadline.

There is no need to send us a hard (printed) copy of the application or other associated documentation.

Guidance for Applicants

Please view our grant application guide and policy documents for full information and guidance on the grant application process – including the types and purpose of our grants, what we will and wont fund, who can apply, application proposal requirements and submission process.

For additional queries please see our answers to the most frequently asked questions about our current grants call or contact

Primary scientists must not engage in research that contravenes Animal Free Research UK’s Terms and Conditions of Support. Additional the Quasi Vivo® equipment is given on condition that is is used only for animal free COVID-19 research.

General Guide to the Blackbaud Grantmaking system (pdf)



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