1. You are fundraising in aid of Animal Free Research UK and will refer to your fundraising activity as ‘in aid of’ rather than on our behalf.
  2. You are responsible for paying any fees or expenses involved with your fundraising activity.
  3. You are not covered by our insurance for your fundraising activity.
  4. You must be over 18 years of age to fundraise for us.
  5. You will not use our logo without our prior consent or create your own promotional or fundraising materials.
  6. You are responsible for getting any licences appropriate for your event.
  7. You will abide by the rules and regulations for raffles as set out by the Gambling Commission.
  8. If you are holding an event you are responsible for the health and safety of people attending and working at your event and will have carried out risk assessments to assess the risks involved.
  9. It is your responsibility to make sure that food is safe to eat at your event.
  10. You agree that you shall comply with any instructions or guidance provided by Animal Free Research UK relating to your fundraising activity.
  11. If you are raising funds for us with a sponsored slim, it is your responsibility to ensure your fundraising is safe and to talk to your doctor before beginning a diet and exercise programme. Animal Free Research UK cannot be held liable for any personal accidents or injury involved with your activity.
  12. You will not do anything that may bring the name of Animal Free Research UK into disrepute or damage our reputation. If you do, we have the right to ask you to stop fundraising.
  13. You will not distribute or display our promotional or fundraising material during other charities events who conduct animal testing or outside their charity shops.
  14. You agree to pay all of the proceeds raised by your fundraising activity to us, no later than four weeks after the event.  You may not deduct any costs unless agreed in writing with Animal Free Research UK.
  15. If you have been issued with a collection tin, you will comply with the collection tin guidelines concerning the management, counting of donations, paying donations in and returning of collection tins.
  16. You will encourage donors to make Gift Aid declarations where eligible.
  17. You will need to fill in a Media Consent Form from all individuals in any photos, videos or case studies that you supply to us. We cannot use photos, videos or case studies without explicit consent.
  18. Animal Free Research UK is fully compliant with the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR). To ensure you are also GDPR compliant whilst fundraising for us you must:
  • Only use branded forms given to you to collect personal data e.g. offline sponsorship forms and keeping in touch sign up forms
  • Return hard copy forms immediately to head office, you cannot store personal data in your home
  • Never leave a keeping in touch sign up form unattended, treat these forms like cash.

If there is anything that you unclear about in these terms and conditions, please email hello@animalfreeresearhuk.org.