For Researchers

Here are resources and events available to researchers:

Apply for funding

We award research funding to accelerate the development of animal-free technologies

Join the Community of Practice

The Animal Free Research Community of Practice is an interactive network for members to share their work, ideas, challenges and passion among likeminded peers.

Organ-on-a-chip masterclass

Workshop for biologists and non-technical end-users to choose, set up and operate organ-on-a-chip systems.

Animal-derived Biomaterials

To help modern science move in the right direction for the greater benefit of patients, Animal Free Research UK supports researchers in embracing the vast number of animal-free products available for research use.

Fetal calf serum free media database tool

This database enables researchers to quickly find available FCS-free media that can be used to successfully grow cells in the lab.


Accelerating animal-free innovation in the first ever UK Helpathon

Science Conference – Modernising Medical Research

A ground-breaking event celebrating pioneering researchers who are revolutionising medical research without the use of animals!

Pioneer Award

The Pioneer Award recognises and celebrates the achievements of trailblazing scientists who conduct medical research without using animals.