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At Animal Free Research UK, we are proud of the expertise of our team and inspiring scientific network.

On this page, you can find our key resources on human-specific, animal-free medical research, as well as actions you can take to support the ending of animal testing for medical research in the UK.

It’s time for change.


We work with parliamentarians across the political spectrum to accelerate the uptake of animal-free science.

We’re calling for a new law to harness the incredible potential of animal-free research.

Named after a rescued beagle, Herbie’s Law would set a target of replacing animal experiments in medical research by 2035, describing how Government must ensure progress and support scientists in making the transition.

Watch the video or read our policy briefing for more information.

What can you do to help?

  1. If you’re successful in the Private Member’s Bill Ballot on July 25, please consider introducing Herbie’s Law (we can provide briefing materials and have a draft Bill available).

  2. Share your support for Herbie’s Law on social media (image and suggested copy available here).

  3. Table written or oral questions on this topic (we can assist with drafting).

  4. Table an Early Day Motion calling for Herbie’s Law (we can assist with drafting).

  5. Host an event in Parliament, so MPs and peers can speak directly with scientists using cutting-edge, animal-free approaches.

  6. Meet with us or visit a lab where we’re funding pioneering, animal-free science (see our interactive project map and virtual lab tour).

  7. Read the resources in our Briefings Library below

Please contact Isobel, our Public Affairs Director (, for more information about the above. We’d also be delighted to meet with you at a time of your convenience.

We look forward to collaborating in our mission to secure medical progress, strengthen animal protection and move closer to the brighter future we all want to see.


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