Research Tool: Fetal Calf Serum Free Media Database

The fetal calf serum (FCS)-free Database provides an overview of non-fetal-calf-serum media for use in cell culture.

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This useful research tool can therefore enable researchers to quickly find available FCS-free media that can be used to successfully grow cells in the lab.

Within the tool, you can also exchange valuable information on the use and applicability of all FCS-free media with the wider scientific community.

The database was set up by Animal Free Research UK in collaboration with 3Rs-Centre Utrecht Life Sciences.

PLEASE NOTE: Animal Free Research UK does not endorse or support the use of any of the animal derived cells or cell lines. Furthermore, Animal Free Research UK does not endorse any of the products, companies or suppliers listed within the database. The purpose of the database is to raise awareness of the wide range of serum-free media that are now commercially available for cell culture purposes.