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Dr Jarrod Bailey joins Animal Free Research UK as Science Director

Dr Jarrod Bailey joins Animal Free Research UK as Science Director

Published on June 28, 2021

Dr Bailey joins from The Centres of Contemporary Sciences where he was Director of Science and Technology.

In his new role, he will oversee all Animal Free Research UK’s science operations including the charity’s ground-breaking Animal Replacement Centres – ARCs.

With a track record in delivering successful advocacy as well as conducting cutting edge research, Dr Bailey will also help drive awareness of the alternatives to animal testing, some of which have been developed by Animal Free Research UK funded scientists.

Carla Owen, Animal Free Research UK’s CEO, said: “With an exemplary track record in influencing progressive change within the science community, pharmaceutical industry and regulatory framework to end animal suffering and transform the way in which diseases are combatted, Jarrod’s appointment is a coup for us as we ramp up our presence across the science and political arenas.”

Dr Bailey received his degree and PhD in genetics from his hometown Newcastle University. He spent seven years investigating the possible genetic causes of premature birth in humans, using human tissues and tissue culture.

He has worked for organisations in the US and the UK, evaluating the scientific validity and human relevance of animal experiments in many areas of biomedical research and drug/product testing, and promoting the use of human-specific research methods in their place.

A Fellow of the Oxford Centre for Animal Ethics, Dr Bailey has published multiple peer reviewed papers and book chapters on topics on a diverse range of research, including on HIV/AIDS, neuroscience, drug testing, genetic modification of animals, and the use and replacement of dogs and nonhuman primates in science.

He has also authored scientific petitions and submissions of evidence to US and European inquiries into animal research and the use of alternatives, and spoken about his work with the FDA, members of US Congress and the UK, European and Italian parliaments.

Regarded as a leading expert on animal free research by his peers, Dr Bailey has taken part in countless debates and interviews on the scientific case for a shift toward human-focused methods in biomedical research, and his expertise and knowledge have been sought for television and radio programmes, documentaries, and for newspaper and magazine articles.

He was invited to present his work to the US Institute of Medicine as part of its 2011 inquiry into chimpanzee research, which led to a de facto end to invasive chimpanzee experiments in the US.

Dr Bailey said: “I am beyond delighted to be joining Animal Free Research UK as it expands its ambitious strategy and enjoys ever-growing recognition for its efforts. I look forward to working with a fabulous team to help inspire and support talented scientists who appreciate the urgent need to end animal research, and to help deliver this goal to benefit animals and humans alike.”




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