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Dr Hadwen Trust becomes Animal Free Research

Published on March 31, 2017

Dr Hadwen Trust becomes Animal Free Research

We are absolutely delighted to launch our new look, name and website as we officially change from the Dr Hadwen Trust to the working name of Animal Free Research UK.

Why did we make the change?

We have been in existence for over 40 years, funding innovative and ground-breaking work to replace animals in medical research.  We’ve funded 200+ projects devoted to developing replacement techniques.

It’s now 2017 and yet animals are still being used in laboratories across the world. Home Office statistics from 2015, highlight that in the UK alone, 4 million animals were used in medical research.  We don’t think that the pace of change is good enough.

We want to be at the forefront of funding more research to drive better techniques to ensure that there is an end to animal testing.

To do that we need to grow our income to be able to fund more scientists, universities and institutes, encouraging investment in animal free research. We need to be that influencer.

To grow income, we need to have a simple message that is understood quickly. The name Animal Free Research UK – it does what it says on the tin.

How did we make it happen?

We asked you for your in-depth feedback. And over 1,000 of you took the time to tell us what you thought, shared your ideas and gave us a steer. Overwhelmingly you told us that Animal Free Research UK made the most sense and reflected our values – and yours.

We are incredibly grateful that we have your support.

We were delighted to receive a grant from a foundation to pay for the entire development of our new website. Branding agency Spencer Du Bois have also been marvellous in giving us  pro bono support so costs have been minimal.

If I already support you is there anything I need to do?

No, we still accept donations in the name of Dr Hadwen Trust and we are identified under both names on the charity commission website. You don’t need to change banks details or direct debits.

Thank you

We are an ambitious charity, passionate about what we do. But we haven’t been able to get this far without your support.

We hope that you will stay with us and share the next exciting part of our journey, as we continue our mission to replace the use of animals in medical research.

We can’t do it without you.



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