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Animal Free Research UK award Pilot Study Grants to explore new ideas in animal-replacement research that could advance human health.

Pilot Study Grants provide short-term financial support for proof-of-concept studies lasting up to a maximum of 12 months.

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Completed projects

Dr Esther Karanukaran (Oxford)

Developing a human model of the cornea to study keratitis

Dr Driton Vllasaliu (King’s College London)

Developing an animal free gut model to study gastrointestinal diseases

Dr Anna Furmanski (University of Bedfordshire)

Developing an animal free gut model to study allergies

Dr Adjanie Patabendige (Edge Hill)

A human relevant approach to study brain damage caused by abnormal heart rhythm

Professor Massimo Vassalli (Glasgow)

Harnessing plant power: Plant-based scaffolds to tackle visceral myopathy.

Dr Ali Kermanizadeh (Derby)

A novel nanomedicine for liver disease.

Dr Davina Simoes (Northumbria)

Using innovative imaging of 3D-engineered muscle to help develop new treatments for muscle wasting diseases.

Dr Paul Holloway (Oxford)

Developing human mini- brain circuits to reveal new insights into stroke

Dr Davina Simoes (Northumbria)

Developing a human muscle ‘organoid’ to study muscle

Dr Peng Liu (Aberdeen)

Mimicking the human ‘microenvironment’ to uncover new ways to stop breast cancer in its tracks