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Carol Royle and Lucy Watson join Animal Free Research UK in Parliament to urge the Government to embrace human-specific science

Published on May 24, 2023

Together with Animal Free Research UK and celebrities Carol Royle, Lucy Watson and James Dunmore, Ruth Jones MP will host an event in Parliament today (24 May) to call on the government to accelerate the uptake of human-specific technologies in medical research.

The event will see speeches from Ruth Jones MP, Giles Watling MP, and Alex Sobel MP in support of medical research that is ethical and animal free.

Between the speeches, MPs and Peers will have the opportunity to talk to UK-based scientists and biotechnology experts from Queen Mary University of London, CN Bio Innovations, Keratify and Axol Bioscience about their innovative work and its potential to help the UK in its bid to be a science superpower.

Carla Owen, Animal Free Research UK CEO said: “I am proud to be in Parliament today celebrating some of the ground-breaking, animal free science being pioneered here in the UK. When 92% of drugs which show promise in animal tests fail when tested in human trials, the benefits of human specific technologies are clear: a boost to our economy, a strengthened NHS, better treatments for patients, and all without animal suffering.”

Actor and Patron of Animal Free Research UK, Carol Royle said: “Advances in science such as organ-on-a-chip and artificial intelligence hold the key to the brighter future we all want. Now is the time to harness the full potential of these technologies and support ethical, animal free medical research.”

Animal Free Research UK is calling on the government to establish a clear policy commitment to support the transition from animal to human-specific research.

Vegan influencer and businesswoman, Lucy Watson said: “The USA has already acted by passing the FDA Modernization Act. It is now more urgent than ever that UK policymakers seize the moment, keep pace with world leaders, and commit to accelerating ethical innovation in the UK. It is high time to acknowledge that change is necessary, both for animals suffering in tests and patients waiting for treatments that could transform their lives. We must support pioneering animal free research like that championed by Animal Free Research UK in Parliament today so we can replace animal testing, once and for all.”

The event comes days before World Animal Free Research Day on Saturday 27th May 2023.



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