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Pilot Funding of Projects Developed at the Conference

There is a relatively small but significant pool of funds allocated to this conference, dedicated to awarding small grants to participants. A diverse panel of biomedical scientists will review all proposals for Pilot Funding that come out of the conference, whether from TED-style talks or Mini-Helpathons, and will fund those that they consider having the most promise to replace animal use.

Pilot Grants will range from approximately £10,000 to £25,000 and will be awarded to projects that will help researchers move away from using animals, or that constitute novel, innovative or disruptive ideas based on NAMs that could be scientifically rewarding, and lead to greater funding from traditional funders.

TED-style talks

Pitching innovative projects using NAMs

Are you an active stakeholder in biomedical research? Do you have a new technology, project, or idea that you want to showcase, discuss, develop – and even attract pilot funding for 

These short talks are a great opportunity to showcase innovative and ambitious projects, material, or tools in front of potential users, partners, and investors in the biomedical field.

Who can apply?

-Academic researchers of any level (from PhD to Team leaders) wanting to pitch a new human-focused project or technology   that they wish to develop

-Industry scientists (biotech, start-up, pharma and drug development, etc) wanting to pitch a new product, tool or material

How to apply?

Prepare your CV, Talk title, technical summary (400 words) and lay summary (200 words), and think about any relevant resources that you’d need to showcase your work (papers, links, pictures).

Selected candidates will be offered the opportunity to present their research idea, to answer questions and receive advice and feedback from an expert panel.

Deadline to apply – 31st July 2023

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Mini Helpathons

Empowering scientists to use animal-free methods

Are you wondering how you, your group, or scientists more generally can shift current research practice towards animal-free research? Do you have a burning question regarding your research you never knew who to ask about before?

Helpathons are used in the Netherlands to help researchers who might otherwise undertake animal experiments to make the shift towards animal-free methods. Experience shows that animal-free innovation becomes easier if you choose to do so together, and that is precisely what happens during a Helpathon.

How to apply?

Prepare your CV, question title, technical summary (400 words max), and think about any relevant content or resources that you’d need to showcase your work (papers, links, pictures etc).

Deadline to apply – 31st July 2023

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Help and support the move from animal-based projects to NAMs

Strengthen collaboration with researchers beyond academic settings 

Invest in human-relevant tools or projects 

Collaborate with other researchers on NAMs-based solutions

Overcome barriers in the transition to animal-free research

Our 2023 Conference

Breaking Barriers to Accelerate NAMs Adoption

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