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Outdated animal research is failing both humans and animals. More than 92% of drugs that show promise in animal tests and proceed into human trials fail to get to clinic, mostly for reasons of poor efficacy and safety that animal testing failed to predict.
Even so, around three million animals continue to suffer in Britain’s laboratories every year.
Use of animals in medical research is unethical, costly and unjustifiable. Thankfully, pioneering technologies are already replacing animal testing and research.
That’s why Animal Free Research UK is funding scientists at the forefront of the scientific revolution. Together we’re replacing outdated, cruel animal testing with cutting-edge, human relevant technologies. And we’re calling on policy makers to mirror the changes taking place.
United, we can modernise medical research and bring animal experiments to an end in the UK once and for all.
Once we succeed, together we will have changed the world forever. For both animals and humans.

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Building a new generation of animal free researchers.

The Animal Replacement Centre of Excellence (ARC 2.0) is a game-changing partnership between Animal Free Research UK and the University of Exeter. Led by Professor Lorna Harries, ARC 2.0 is establishing the building blocks to grow the next generation of researchers, their expertise in animal free techniques, all to ultimately deliver the best and most effective treatments. Together they are pushing the latest animal free technological and research boundaries in their unswerving quest for cures for major diseases.

ARC 2.0 was only made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters, helping us to lead the way to a future where humane, effective animal free research will be the norm and considered the gold standard. A better, kinder future.

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