Animal Replacement

Our research is developing animal-free techniques to replace the use of animals in biomedical research, forever. Here you can find out more about the replacement techniques.

You can also view our current active projects and completed projects to see how these techniques can be applied.

Stem cells

Stem cells are unspecialised cells that have the extraordinary potential to either proliferate through mitosis to produce more stem cells or to differentiate, under certain physiological or experimental conditions, into more specialised cells such as brain or muscle cells.

Organ on a chip

‘Organs-on-a-chip’ are the next exciting development in in 3D cell culture. These are ‘organs’ made up of real, living human cells which mimic a real organ system.

Cell culture

Cell culture is the term given to the method by which cells are grown outside of their natural environment in a laboratory setting. The 2 main types of cell culture are 2D and 3D cell culture.