Animal Free Research Pioneer Award


Our Pioneer Award celebrates and promotes the achievements of scientists who conduct medical research without using animals.

The specially commissioned medal will be awarded to the winner for their outstanding contribution in helping to make animal free the gold standard in UK laboratories.

They will also be invited to give a keynote closing speech at our international science conference in Birmingham in June.

The winner will be entitled to call themselves ‘Animal Free Research Pioneer 2022’, and will be supported by the charity to promote and showcase their work through a series of talks and other dynamic events to engage and inspire their peers and the public.

Our 2022 Pioneer Award winner

Professor Don Ingber


We’re delighted to announce the winner of our Animal Free Research Pioneer Award – Dr Donald E Ingber – the founding director of Harvard University’s Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering.

Dr Ingber – who helped create organ-on-a-chip technology that has advanced medical research – will receive the specially commissioned accolade during our Science Conference on the 28 June at Millennium Point Birmingham – where he will give a speech to inspire animal free researchers around the world seeking to cure human disease faster using kinder science.

We’re honoured that Dr Ingber will be joining us – and you too can attend this exclusive, unique event by booking your today!

Our vision is for this to become a prestigious annual award that elevates within the scientific community the perception of animal free research and promotes those researchers already working animal free.

The accolade will also contribute to the cultural shift needed among policy makers, academia, the health and pharmaceutical sectors as well as the public for animal free research to be considered the gold standard in UK laboratories.

The award reflects Animal Free Research UK’s commitment to enable scientists to stop using animals in medical research by focusing on the positives of new technologies and celebrating the benefits of animal free research for both people and animals.

Crucially, we believe the award will forge and promote role models for the next generation of scientists to aspire to.

Established animal free researchers are already leading the way. They are true pioneers and deserve to be recognised. We know that the decisions they make to replace animals in their work will unlock the answers to the many questions we still have about human diseases.

The work of Animal Free Research Pioneers will ultimately deliver effective treatments for human diseases faster without using animals.

We also recognise there are still funding, regulatory and cultural barriers to animal free research which must be overcome.

Facilitating and promoting positive role models is a key aspect of investing in young early career researchers because having role models can influence their actions and motivate them to strive to uncover their true potential and overcome barriers.

Going forward, the winners of this award will see Animal Free Research Pioneers give young scientists a standard to strive for.



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