Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture Conference 2017

The Advances in Cell and Tissue Culture (ACTC) conference, hosted by Kirkstall Ltd., aims to create an interdisciplinary forum in which industry and academic researchers, working in cell culture can exchange knowledge, promote their activities and set up new collaborative projects.

The prelimiary programme includes sessions on:

In vitro models for animal replacement Chair: Dr Brett Cochrane (Animal Free Research UK, UK)

In vitro to in vivo extrapolation Chair: Dr Harvey Clewell (ScitoVation, USA)

Safety and toxicology Chair: Dr Phil Hewitt (Merck, Germany)

Tissue Engineering Chair: Professor Jamie Davies (University of Edinburgh, UK)

Bioreactors, 3D and dynamic flow Chair: Professor Sarah Cartmell (University of Manchester, UK)

Disease modelling and co-culture Chair: Dr Pascale V Guillot (University College London, UK)

Cultivating Cells under Physiological Conditions Chair: Dr Cornelia Kasper  (Boku Vienna, Austria)

For more information about the conference visit the Kirkstall website.

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