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Accelerating animal free research

By 19/11/2020November 20th, 2020No Comments

Accelerating animal free research

Published on November 19, 2020

You can help secure Government support for animal free research

It’s been a fortnight of high-octane political drama both here in the UK and across the pond, with the nail-biting election of new US President-elect Joe Biden, and news that Dominic Cummings  has departed Downing Street.

Sometimes it can feel as though the drama overshadows the real job of Government.

Yet in a world where 90% of new medicines which look promising in animal tests go on to fail in humans because they are unsafe or don’t work, the Government has a hugely important role to play.

Achieving a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering is going to take transformational change in legislation and regulations governing medical research. That’s why Animal Free Research UK is working to ensure our issue gains a prominent place on the political agenda.

Whilst major diseases – like cancer, heart disease and dementia – remain poorly understood and lack effective treatments because of continued reliance on animal research, human relevant research methods – like those funded by Animal Free Research UK – are our best hope. They could help to reduce the drug development failure rate, saving time and money. Most importantly, they could help to save precious lives – human and animal.

Accelerating human relevant life sciences will be good for human health, good for animals and good for the UK economy.

The Government wants to make the UK a global science superpower, and our country is well placed to become the centre of human relevant science with our world-leading universities, pharmaceutical sector and contract research organisations.

But whilst the US is moving forward with a comprehensive strategy via the FDA’s predictive toxicology roadmap – the UK risks being left behind. To have real impact, the Government must provide supportive infrastructure, funding, education and training, and regulations that enable human relevant research.

MPs’ constituents have a powerful voice in putting issues on the political agenda – so you can make a real difference.

Please CLICK HERE to ask your MP to sign EDM 256 on Accelerating Human Relevant Life Sciences in the UK.

EDM 256 is calling for the Government to accelerate human relevant life sciences in the UK. Early Day Motions (EDMs) can help to raise awareness among decision-makers, the media and public. At the time of writing, 42 MPs have signed the EDM, but to elevate our voice we need to secure support from 100 MPs.

Using our quick and easy new tool, you can find and message your MP to ask them to sign EDM 256 in just a couple of minutes <link>.

Whilst not all MPs sign EDMs, bringing EDM 256 to their attention will help by making them aware of the need to accelerate human relevant science. Government Ministers are not able to sign EDMs, Shadow Ministers don’t normally sign them either and some other MPs prefer not to. However, they can instead make a difference by writing to the Minister for Science, Research and Innovation and asking for her support. So, if your MP tells you they don’t sign EDMs, please consider encouraging them to write to the Minister instead.

By asking your MP to take action, you’ll be demonstrating how important animal free, human relevant science is.

Please act now to help save animals and people.



You can take action for animals, by uniting with us now!

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