A brighter future for humans and animals

Animal Free Research UK has a 50-year history of uniting animal-loving communities and scientists to create a world where we will be able to cure diseases faster, without animals suffering. We want everyone to think big and imagine that future which is within our grasp.


Our new short film A Brighter Future shows our vision for a brighter future for humans and animals.


Apply for funding

We award grants to scientists in universities, hospitals and research organisations following a rigorous and independent peer-reviewed selection procedure.

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With your help, we can free animals from laboratories for good.

Your donation will help save animals and help develop better treatments for devastating diseases such as cancer, diabetes and heart disease.



There were 3.4 million experiments on animals in the UK in 2019 (latest Home Office statistics)

Every minute of every day, 6 animals are used in research in the UK

We have awarded grants to over 260 research projects since our foundation in 1970

A gift in your will to Animal Free Research UK is leaving a truly, lasting legacy: our tireless work saving animals from experiments will continue because of your kindness.

If you are considering leaving us a gift, thank you. We couldn’t do our important work without your support.

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Brown mouse



We’re at a point in science now that would have been science fiction not that long ago

In the cosmetics industry, the most common animals used for testing are guinea pigs, rabbits, rats, and mice. According to the Humane Society International, globally, around 500,000 animals die in cosmetic testing every year. 

Our Summer School students gave us good glimpse of the animal free future

All those who attended our recent Summer School’s graduation event should feel optimistic and excited about the future – especially for animal free research.

Animal Free Research UK launches Pioneer Medal

The UK’s science community is today invited to nominate trailblazing scientists for a new award. The Pioneer Medal recognises and celebrates scientists carrying out animal free research which can deliver more effective treatments for human diseases faster than current methods.