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We fund and promote the development of techniques and procedures to replace the use of animals in biomedical research.


Author: Jonny Kates

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We award grants to scientists in universities, hospitals and research organisations following a rigorous and independent peer-reviewed selection procedure.


Author: Jonny Kates

  • Over 4 million animals were used in research in the UK in 2015 (latest Home Office statistics)

  • Every minute of every day, 7 animals are used in research in the UK

  • We have awarded grants to over 200 research projects since our foundation in 1970


With your help, we can free animals from laboratories for good. Our work is funded entirely by your generous support. Your donation helps to fund some of the most advanced and successful human-related techniques in many areas of medical research including cancer, Alzheimer's, asthma, heart and liver disease.


Author: Jonny Kates

Target amount: £0.00

Amount raised: £3,512.05


Run an awareness stall

We need you to raise awareness about animal free research in your local community!



Pound for a hound

We want to raise £3,405 - a pound for each dog used in medical research in 2015. Support us to fund research to replace dogs in the lab.


Author: Anthony McHugh

Target amount: £3,405.00

Amount raised: £1,138.00


Upcoming events

  • Cotswold Way Challenge

    Walk, jog, or run the Cotswold Way Challenge for animal free research. A 100km challenge that heads out from the heart of historic Bath to its memorable finish line celebration in Cheltenham. Read more

  • Skydive for World Animal Day (or on any date at an airfield near you)

    Celebrate World Animal Day (4th October) and skydive from 10,000 feet to support our ground-breaking animal free research! Read more

  • The Big Half 2018

    Run for Animal Free Research UK in the city of London with this exciting new event The Big Half 2018! Read more

Latest news

  • Jump 10,000 ft for animals!

    Take on an awe-inspiring skydive, just like 70 year old supporter Andrew did. Raise funds to help get animals out of the lab, celebrate World Animal Day and show animals that you care! Read more

  • Derivation of Human Midbrain-Specific Organoids from Neuroepithelial Stem Cells

    The paper describes a robust human brain organoid system that is highly specific to the midbrain and is derived from iPSCs. The organoid shows neuronal, astroglial, and oligodendrocyte differentiation and contains the presence of synaptic connections and electrophysiological activity. Read more

  • Maw the Magnificent

    Running the marathon to support animal free research and investment in ethical, rigorous and evidence based science. Read more