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The number of animal experiments in the UK in 2021


The number of animals used in research every minute of every day in the UK


The number of projects we have awarded grants to since 1970

By pioneering excellence, inspiring and supporting scientists, and influencing change, we can create a world where human diseases are cured faster without animal suffering.

Our pioneering research

We’ve given £10M in grants to projects advancing development of human relevant research for diseases including cancer, diabetes and Covid-19.

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Our Podcast!

Our podcast is a frank, lively exchange of ideas and experiences by leading scientists, policy makers and animal protection ambassadors – all of whom seek a kinder science.

Replacement News

Our quarterly newsletter, Replacement News, showcases all the latest breakthroughs and news from the world of animal free research – from ground-breaking projects to the latest in raising awareness in Parliament.

Community of Practice

An interactive network for members to share their work, ideas, challenges and passion among likeminded peers. Click to find out more and join our community today.

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A lasting legacy

A gift in your will to Animal Free Research UK is leaving a truly, lasting legacy: our tireless work saving animals from experiments will continue because of your kindness.

If you are considering leaving us a gift, thank you. We couldn’t do our important work without your support.

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