Boost your online fundraising

Getting sponsored for an event is one of the simplest ways to fundraise.  Be inspired by an idea from our A-Z of fundraising ideas and get that sponsorship money rolling in.

Create an online fundraising page

Setting up an online page is quick, easy and it’s really simple for your friends and family to sponsor you, and easy for you to share with your networks on social media. All donations come to us directly too, so you don’t need to go around collecting funds after the event.  Set up an online fundraising page with JustGiving.

Create a great fundraising page

JustGiving have created some great top tips to create the best fundraising page to maximise donations.

Use your networks

Think about other sponsors apart from your friends, family and colleagues.  Are you member of any clubs or societies, would a local business like to get involved, or would your employer be interested in supporting your journey and sponsoring you?

Use social media

Thousands of people use Facebook to fundraise.  Here’s 10 Facebook fundraising tips to make your fundraising a massive success.  Share your fundraising on Instagram and Twitter and make sure you include us in your posts so can share your story.

Saying thanks

Remember to say thank you to everyone who sponsored you.  If you let everyone know how your event went, you might even catch some last minute donations!

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