A-Z of fundraising ideas

Once you’ve decided what to do for us, please let us know so we can give you the best support to make your fundraising a great success!


Anniversary giving – ask friends and family to celebrate your wedding, birthday or anniversary with a donation to Animal Free Research UK.

Auction – organise your own auction with items donated by family, friends and even local businesses.

Abseil – conquer your fear of heights, get your heart pumping and raise funds.


Bake a cake – there’s nothing as tasty as homemade cakes – sell them at work, school, church or to friends.

Bingo – if you’re bingo barmy, this could be a great way to gather friends together and raise money to help replace animals in medical research.

Bike – do a sponsored bike ride, grab a friend and make it a tandem ride for something different.


Car boot sale – hold a stall at your local car boot sale or organise your own garage sale.

Coffee morning – get everyone together for refreshments and an introduction to the pioneering work of Animal Free Research UK.

Company giving – a company donation can make a substantial difference to our work, and as we’re a registered charity a donation could possibly qualify for Gift Aid meaning the company can claim tax relief. It’s a win win!

Christmas – arrange a carol singing service in return for donations or take part in a sponsored run dressed as Father Christmas!


Dinner party – hold a dinner party with everyone paying for a plate or with an entry fee.  Make it fun and pick a theme, you could even dress up!

Donate – encourage others to donate too so we can continue with our compassion for animals and commitment to medical research.

Direct Debit – set up a direct debit to make a regular donation to advance human health and end the use of animals in medical research

Dog walking – could you offer your services to a friend or colleague to walk their dog? Earn some spare cash and give a percentage to Animal Free Research UK.


easyfundraising.org.uk – buy stuff online, raise money, costs you nothing! Register now and start raising funds while you shop.

eBay.co.uk – sell your stuff on eBay and donate a percentage of your sale to us by selecting us as your charity in your sale listing.

Eating competition – maximise your fundraising and make it seasonal.  Organise a pancake eating competition in Easter and a mince pie easting championship at Christmas.

everyclick.com – give everyclick a try; it donates half its revenues to charity and we can benefit every time you search online.


Fun – whatever you choose to do to raise funds, please have fun doing it!

Facebook – “Like” us on Facebook  or create a Facebook Fundraiser in lieu of birthday presents.

Festival – in a band, got some land?  Or lucky enough to know someone with both?  Put on a festival, bring along your fellow band friends and invite all your mates.  You could host the first ever ‘Animal Free Fest’


Garden Party – great for the summer months, good weather, good food, some nice drinks and perhaps some games will get your guests in the mood for donating.

Gift Aid – we’re a registered charity so remember, if you are a UK taxpayer, to always choose the option to Gift Aid your donation to us. It’ll help make your donation go even further.

Gigs – organise a punk, rock, indie or dance gig at a pub or club with local bands and DJs, or how about a comedy evening or talent competition?

giveasyoulive.comregister and turn every pound you spend online into funds for Animal Free Research UK.

Going without – be sponsored to go without social media, junk food, your phone, smoking, drinking, swearing, eating chocolate, showering, spending money, ordering takeaways – you could do anything!


Head shaving – the old ones are the best! Get your local hairdressers involved and make an event out of it to raise more funds on the day.

Hampers – Ask your friends, family and local businesses for donations and create a seasonal hamper that you can raffle off to your colleagues at work or as an addition to a stall or any event to raise more funds.

Halloween – get chased by the un-dead in a zombie themed race or host a Halloween fancy dress party with ghoulish games!


Imagination – be as imaginative as possible; unique fundraising ideas are always a winner.

In Memoriam – do you want to remember a special person or beloved pet with donations to Animal Free Research UK? Go to JustGiving to make a meaningful commemoration by setting up a fund. You could ask your friends and family to give in lieu of flowers.


Jumble sale – organise a jumble sale or garage sale in a local hall and donate the proceeds.


Karaoke – at home or in your local pub, karaoke can be a great fundraiser and lots of fun.


Legacy – leaving a legacy to Animal Free Research UK in your will is a lasting gesture that can make the world of difference.

Local fundraising – if your group or society is active locally with fundraising for charities, add Animal Free Research UK as a worthy recipient to help animals and people at the same time.


Match Giving – many employers now match the funds their staff give to charity. Talk to your employer about Match Giving and they might be willing to help.

Marathon – it doesn’t have to be a marathon, any race or fun run will do, so get training and run for animals in laboratories.

Murder Mystery – host a murder mystery game and charge for entry.


Newspapers – a letter in your local newspaper appealing for like-minded people can be a great way to make contact with people interested in raising funds and awareness together.

Network – use your networks to fundraise.  Do you work in a school or a large organisation? If yes, suggest Animal Free Research UK as a charity to support for your next fundraising day, or ask if they can donate any resources such as a school hall or conference room for your event.


Odd jobs – offer to do odd jobs like cleaning cars or gardening for donations.

Online fundraising pages – are the best way to maximise your online donations as your friends and relatives around the world can sponsor you as easily as your next door neighbour.


Payroll giving – with payroll giving your donation is deducted from your pay before tax. If there’s no payroll scheme at your work, ask them to set one up.

Pamper day – do you work in a beauty salon, spa or have a knack for creating the perfect talons?  Host a pamper day with family or friends, de-stress, pamper and raise funds for animals and human health!


Quiz night – everyone loves a good quiz so get your thinking caps on.  There’s loads of free quizes available to download from the internet or ask a local quiz master to donate their time.  Maximise your profits with a bar and a raffle.


Recyclerecycle your car to raise money for our work.


Sponsors – whether it’s a run, walk, head shave or bungee jump, think of a challenge and ask everyone you know to sponsor you.

Sponsorship scheme – make a donation and receive a certificate that shows your donation is helping to sponsor vital research to save animals.

Social Media – boost your fundraising with Facebook and Twitter or start your own fundraising campaign – it could go viral!

Skydive – if you have a head for heights and a sense of adventure, try a sponsored skydive.


Tea party – invite all your friends and charge them for some lovely home-made cakes with our Animal Free Afternoon Tea.

Trek – explore the world and feed your sense of adventure with a trek or stay closer to home in the UK and conquer the peaks.


Unwanted gift sale – sell yours and your friends’ unwanted gifts with all proceeds going to help us fund our work.


Volunteer – volunteer to wash your neighbours’ windows or cars for cash.

Valentine’s Day – hold an ‘all you need is love’ themed disco or singles party night.


World Day for Animals in Laboratories (WDAIL) – on 24th April is the ideal time to fundraise for us and raise public awareness about our pioneering animal replacement science to advance human health and end the use of animals in medical research.  Sign up to one of our events or put on your own.

World Animal Day – another great day held on 4th October to raise funds and awareness about our work.  Sign up to our events or fundraise your own way.

Will – leave a gift in your will to Animal Free Research UK and you could make a massive difference to our work.

Wine tasting evening – watch the donations roll in as the wine rolls down.


Xmas jumper – wear your Christmas jumper to work and get all your colleagues to pay £1.


Yard sale – car boot sale, garage sale or just a good old-fashioned jumble sale, have a clear out at home and make some money for Animal Free Research UK.


Zzz – organise a sleepover with pizza, films and games or have a spa night with face packs and pedicures. Ask for donations in advance to go into a pot to fund the fun, and the surplus to help fund our ground-breaking animal replacement science.

Zumbathon – speak to your local instructor and ask them to arrange a Zumbathon for Animal Free Research UK.  It doesn’t have to be Zumba, ask any of your local fitness instructors to see if they can help.  Many instructors running fitness groups such as Zumba, circuits and bootcamps love to raise funds for charity as its lots of fun and helps raise their profile locally.